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Stories that Empower

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Two women smiling at the camera

Monique H., Mother

Receiving the scholarship that first year was a real blessing and took such a financial burden off our shoulders. De La Salle Institute was my daughter鈥檚 dream choice for high...

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Lisa S., Mother

The teachers go above and beyond the call of duty. When I had surgery they made sure my son made it to school. During COVID, when he was home and...

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Jethro Family Photo

Ebony J., Mother

When the Tax Credit Scholarship聽Program聽began in 2018, three of Ebony鈥檚 children were able to attend Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School聽on full聽scholarships.聽“At the time, my husband was in between jobs. We...

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Chris M., Donor

I first heard about the Tax Credit Scholarship Program from my brother, who is a principal, at a family gathering. He said, 鈥測ou should be all in on this program,鈥...

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Lorena M., Mother

Thanks to 萝莉啪啪, my son has had the opportunity to receive a quality education that would otherwise be unavailable to us. We are a family of immigrants, and thanks...

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Young boy in a suit sitting on a bench and smiling

Patricia W., Grandmother

I鈥檓 fighting for tax credit scholarships on behalf of my grandson. My son, his father, attended the local public school and became very lost. He ended up not graduating and...

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Veronica J., Mother

It was a very special moment when I was informed that we received an 萝莉啪啪 scholarship. Thanks to your help, my daughter was able to finish elementary school at...

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Susan J., Mother

If my kids could get a tax credit scholarship it would mean more than anyone could possibly know. I grew up in a time when people believed that it takes...

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Patrick and his daughter, Autumn

Patrick T., Father

I鈥檓 a single father. There was no way聽I was going to be able to afford my daughter attending Fenwick High School on an Uber driver salary.聽I could work 15 hours...

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Family sitting on a hay bale with pumpkins

Desiree T., Mother

Life has聽not聽always been easy for me.聽I聽struggled trying to figure out how to feed my children, clothe聽them, and provide a stable home. I have always worked聽two,聽sometimes聽even聽three,聽jobs to survive. I have been...

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Three kids in school uniforms smiling

Danielle L., Mother

This program is so vital to kids who come from lower income families. At public school, I felt like my kids were just a number – like standing in line...

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Three kids smiling in front of a statue

Kurt W., Father

My wife and I have been married for 25 years. We have five children 鈥 aged 19, 17, 14, 12, and nine. We were originally a homeschooling family, but when...

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Rodriguez family posing with

Sharyl R., Mother

When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, things started getting worse. Obviously remote learning is not as effective as being in the classroom, and by August I realized that it was not...

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Young girl smiling

Sarah M., Mother

When we received a scholarship for my daughter to attend St. Malachy this upcoming school year, it was a huge relief. I鈥檒l be able to afford to send my twins...

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Two kids in uniform sitting on a bench holding a baby

Elizabeth F., Mother

I am a mother of soon to be 5 children. I was a single mother with my first 2 children for 5 years. I would dedicate and sacrifice myself to...

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Stacey H., Mother

Before my divorce, all three of my sons were attending private Jewish Day Schools, and afterward I became solely financially responsible for their education. The divorce was already a huge...

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Beatrice M., Mother

Thank you for awarding our children the 萝莉啪啪 Scholarship for the Fall 2020 鈥 Spring 2021 school year. It is truly a blessing. The feeling of happiness overwhelmed me...

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Tamika N., Mother

I would like to thank you for your generous donation, and express my sincere gratitude for the scholarship we were awarded. With this scholarship my son has been able to...

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Elvira R., Mother

The school my sons were attending was closing, leaving them in educational limbo. We thought of getting into a wonderful, private school but knew that the tuition would be out...

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Allyssa N., Mother

Thank you so much for the opportunity you gave to our son. We could never afford to send him to the amazing private school he is currently attending because of...

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Jada O., Student

When I was in the public middle school, it was difficult because I didn鈥檛 understand the things that they taught. Like in my math class, they taught math one way...

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Jasmine B., Mother

Jasmine is the mother of three students at St. Patrick Catholic School in Springfield. Two of her kids had attended public schools, but she felt they were just a number,...

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Rich G., Father

We have three girls and providing them with a quality, Catholic education is very important to us. My wife and sister-in-law both attended Blessed Sacrament in Belleville, so we knew...

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Mireya J., Mother

A tax credit scholarship would be so important to my son, who will be an incoming freshman for the 2023-2024 school year. My son has always wanted to attend Boylan...

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Katie B., Mother

My family and I are very grateful for the 萝莉啪啪 scholarship, which we have received over the past several years. My husband and I have four kids.聽 On the...

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Emily and Emmanuella A., Students

My favorite part about being at St. Thomas is the teachers and the students, because they’re always willing to help you when you need it. There’s a very good support...

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Sarah S., Mother

I am a single mother of five children and rely heavily on my 15-year-old daughter for help. In 2020, our family relocated to a new city, and my daughter felt...

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Symara's children smiling together

Symara M., Mother

My husband and I live just outside Chicago with our two children. My son is a sophomore at Fenwick High School and my daughter is finishing up eighth grade at...

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John J., School Leader

Many families rely on tax credit scholarships to attend our school. It not only benefits our students and school community, but our church. Before TCS we provided as many scholarships...

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Luis Morales's family photo

Luis M., Father

My daughter, Gabriella, has been through some very difficult times. When she was in Kindergarten, I was granted custody of her, and she had to leave her mom and sisters...

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Elizabeth H., Mother

I am a single mom of two children. When I divorced in 2018, I had no income and a high school education, but I knew that I needed to set...

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Headshot of Mrs. McCoy

Mrs. McCoy, Teacher

To say that Mrs. McCoy goes above and beyond seems like an understatement. She is above and beyond every day and then goes even higher. Her enthusiasm on the topics...

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The Lopez children in front of Holy Family Catholic School

Jennifer L., Mother

As a single mom, I do not know what we would do without this program. With the newfound financial freedom provided by tax credit scholarships, I was able to go...

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Grace Castillo and her three children

Grace C., Mother

When my husband passed away, I had to try to figure out whether they could stay or if we鈥檇 have to move schools. It was really hard, in all honesty....

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Mother hugging her daughter and smiling

Toni S., Mother

Her biggest thing was that she wanted to go where she felt she belonged, where she was surrounded by her type of people. Without our Invest in Kids scholarships, none...

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Larissa W's Family Photo

Larissa W., Mother

Receiving tax credit scholarships for my children would mean the world to us. It would allow them to receive a valuable education, which I would otherwise not be able to...

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Anonymous, Father

My family has been very blessed to receive multiple scholarships from 萝莉啪啪 over the past several years, including this upcoming school year. These scholarships have meant that our family...

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Two women smiling together

Crystal H., Mother

I鈥檓 really her only support, and I wanted to support her, but private school is so expensive that it was hard for me to even think about sending her to...

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Photo of a young boy smiling in front of a blue wall

Montell G., Mother

I was paying fifty percent tuition, which was doable and well worth the money, but the school called me in December and said they were able to offer us a...

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Young girl smiling

Courtney H., Mother

This Tax Credit Scholarship Program gives me the ability to send my daughter, to what I believe is the best school. It also relieved a lot of stress – I...

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Young girl in a jean jacket smiling

Tracy M., Mother

My daughter is currently a third grader at St. Mary Nativity in Joliet, Illinois. Every year since Kindergarten, they have worked with me and the payments I could make, when...

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Slomski family photo

Jessica S., Mother

This has been our second year getting the scholarship. Years ago, my daughter had been going to a Catholic school for preschool, but I could only afford to keep her...

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Photo of a young girl with a pink background

Gail K., Grandmother

My daughter passed away in 2018, leaving Harper (5yrs) and her sister, Elayna (11yrs) in our care. Their father was in prison and there was no life insurance in my...

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Brianna Y., Student

Both my parents came here at a young age. They鈥檙e immigrants and they wanted something better for us. They wanted something better for their families. Before we started receiving financial...

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Theresa G., Mother

As a single mother of five children, I am forever grateful to 萝莉啪啪. While my oldest has graduated, my four daughters were in limbo this past school year. My...

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Angela M., Mother

Without the 萝莉啪啪 scholarship, I would not be able to afford to send my children to a great school. I am a single mother of two children. My son...

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Michael T., Grandfather

As a single grandparent of two school children it is very difficult to provide them with all the tools and some basic items they require to be healthy and successful....

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  • Two women smiling at the camera
  • Jethro Family Photo
  • Young boy in a suit sitting on a bench and smiling
  • Patrick and his daughter, Autumn
  • Family sitting on a hay bale with pumpkins
  • Three kids in school uniforms smiling
  • Three kids smiling in front of a statue
  • Rodriguez family posing with
  • Young girl smiling
  • Two kids in uniform sitting on a bench holding a baby
  • Symara's children smiling together
  • Luis Morales's family photo
  • Headshot of Mrs. McCoy
  • The Lopez children in front of Holy Family Catholic School
  • Grace Castillo and her three children
  • Mother hugging her daughter and smiling
  • Larissa W's Family Photo
  • Two women smiling together
  • Photo of a young boy smiling in front of a blue wall
  • Young girl smiling
  • Young girl in a jean jacket smiling
  • Slomski family photo
  • Photo of a young girl with a pink background
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